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San Bernardino County Family Law Attorney

San Bernardino County Family Law Attorney

Attorney Stacy Augustine is the founder of Augustine Law Corp. which serves San Bernardino County residents. With over 30 five-star reviews across the internet on Google, Facebook, Avvo, and Yelp combined with a decade of legal experience, we are more than capable of helping you win your child custody battle. Fill out our contact form for a free attorney consult today.

Child Custody Overview

Family Law covers an array of different legal issues. Often times various issues such as divorce overshadow what matters the most, the minor children involved. We have seen attorneys leech on to divorce cases, play of their client's emotions, over charge them, and walk away with tens of thousands of dollars and even their real property. Augustine Law does things differently.

Augustine Law Corp. only represents clients in child custody and visitation related matters. These services include legal representation for child support, guardianships, and adoptions. We do not provide legal representation for divorces. We are dedicated to fighting for what is in the best interests of the minor children.

Don't Fight Your Child Custody Battle Alone

Nobody wants to be in court appearing before a judge. However, you are more likely to have to appear in court for a family matter than any other reason. Appearing in front of a judge for a family law issue can be scary and the stakes are too high to risk having your custody rights taken away.

Attorney Stacy Augustine has helped hundreds of clients fight their custody battles over the last decade. He is comfortable in court, confident, and is able to present compelling arguments on behalf of his clients in court. Partner with Augustine Law Corp. so that we can fight your child custody battle together.

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