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San Bernardino County Personal Injury Lawyer

San Bernardino County Personal Injury Lawyer

Stacy Augustine, Esq. is the founding attorney of Augustine Law Corp. Mr. Augustine litigates personal injury cases through Southern California. He has over a decade of legal experience having helped injured clients recover well over a million dollars. He strives to get the highest dollar value for each client and ensures that each client gets personal attention. All personal injury cases are taken on a contingency bases ranging from 25-35% of the recovery. If we don't recover, there is no fee. Call us at (909) 672-7004 or fill out our contact form for an immediate case evaluation.

Yes, You Need to Hire a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Claim

Do not make the mistake of trying to handle your injury claim alone. Insurance companies are experts at paying as little as possible to settle personal injury claims. We are experts at negotiating settlements and litigating personal injury claims in court. Often times, an insurance company will not even give a reasonable offer without forcing you to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits can be very confusing and difficult. Insurance companies will hire expensive lawyers that send stacks of documents demanding that you answer questions under oath, they will take your deposition, and they will demand that you get evaluated by doctors that are paid to lie and make damaging medical reports to dispute your claim.

It is a fact that lawyers are able to get substantially more money for clients as opposed to a client representing themselves. Many times an experienced lawyer is not able to put a value on a claim until a client has been treated for a substantial amount of time. It is the lawyer's job to consult with the treating doctor and evaluate how much a claim is worth. Such a detailed evaluation of a case also shows how important it is to hire a lawyer that you can trust and will not sell you out. Failing to have a lawyer to evaluate your case can result in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars lost.

We handle the following types of personal injuries claims:

Car Accidents

Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Dog Bites

Slip & Falls

Get Medical Treatment from Chiropractic Care to Surgery With No Up Front Costs

Getting evaluated by an emergency room doctor after an accident is strongly encouraged. However, emergency room doctors are trained to save lives and generally treat pain. Emergency room doctors may order x-rays and CT scans which are cheap, but rarely order more expensive imaging such as MRIs. The difference can be catastrophic. An x-ray or CT scan often fail to show serious spinal cord damages such as herniated disc which may require surgery. Further emergency room doctors often fail to diagnose or even make note of concussions which are mild traumatic brain injuries which can have life changing effects.

Augustine Law Corp. has networks with medical providers ranging from chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, pain management doctors, and neurosurgeons. These medical providers treat patients totally different from the medical doctors in emergency rooms. These doctors specialize in treating and rehabilitating personal injuries. The best part about these doctors is that they often work on a lien basis, meaning that they wait to be paid when the case settles. We are also experts at negotiating medical liens to ensure that each clients gets as much money in their pocket as possible.

We Will Make Sure You are Paid for Your Pain and Suffering, Lost Wages, and More

You did not ask to be injured by the negligence of another. Your pain and inconvenience, due to your injury, has a dollar value. You deserve to be compensated for pain and suffering. You also deserve to be compensated for your lost wages. We combine several factors to make sure you are fully compensated and made whole.

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