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Client Reviews & Testimonials

James S.: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Stacy represented me along with another gentleman. Both were beyond professional. Stacy ended up getting me 3 x more than I thought I was going to get from my accident. I was well compensated for my time off of work and vehicle. I have referred many others to Stacy.   Thank you again Stacy."

Carla S.: 

“Stacy Augustine is THE BEST, he is sufficient, affordable, stays on top of what he is doing, answers questions in layman terms, responds quickly I would definitely recommend to my friends and family, and I do plan on using him in the future.”

Correan W.: 

“Mr. Augustine took the time to know me and my family.   We came to him with great confidence in his abilities.  Mr. Augustine has shown himself to be very knowledgeable and professional.  He has always returned every call or every email in a timely manner.  His price and service is very reasonable.  I highly recommend him to anyone who might be looking for an attorney.”

Jimmy Z.: 

“Stacy is a stand-up guy. He is diligent and affordable. He will fight for you.”

Neuro Doc.: 

“I retained Stacy Augustine in a pinch to assist with a very time sensitive family law matter re: a scary child custody issue.  I was worried about unilateral changes my ex was threatening that would violate court orders and negatively impact my children's current and future health. Stacy very quickly got it sorted all sorted out during the initial consultation, and aggressively (and fairly) intervened on my behalf. This worked out amicably with my ex (for the most part) while protecting the kid's best interest. His rates are competitive, his approach compassionate, and his people skills are superb. Not only will I use him again in the future, I am already recommending his services to family and friends. Unequivocally 5 star attorney!!!”

Kristen H.: 

“This was by far the greatest service I had, I had recently gone through a horrible experience trying to file paperwork and lost a lot of money. Stacy was very understanding, knowledgeable and answered every question I had in regards to my process. My previous experience I had no idea about what was going on or what the process was. He was more than willing to help me for a reasonable price as well. He truly takes pride in his career and I would highly recommend him for any legal work. Thank you again for all your help!”

Amber L.: 

“Oh my gosh I can't began to explain the stress he took off of me I was at a very low point in my child custody case and he was comforting and very affordable I am so grateful to have had such an awesome attorney by my side through this difficult time thank you Stacy !”

Gregory R.: 

“I would definitely refer everyone to Stacy Augustine. He was very helpful in helping me write up my documents for custody for my daughter. He was very well educated and new how to answer all my questions I had. He took the time to carefully look over my case and write an amazing report.  I would definitely give him a 10 out of 10. And I recommend everyone to go to him. Low price with excellent service and a great outcome !!!!!”

Olivia A.: 

“Stacy Augustine is a life saver! He handled my case quickly and very professional. He is very friendly, patient and understanding. He really takes care of his clients. His prices are awesome! I highly recommend his service!”

Christy E.: 

“This guy is amazing!!! Very honest and hardworking and does amazing work. Very trustworthy and honest. I can't say enough good things. I would recommend him to anyone who wants someone honest and worth every penny!”

Victoria J.: 

“Trustworthy & Excellent services. Highly recommend.”

Joel M.: 

“I want to say so many good things about this company and the owner. I don't know where to start. I am so so so happy with the service, the service was perfect. It was very quick and affordable. I am highly recommend for everyone to go there. It cannot be better than this company. I am a very happy client of Mr. Augustine. God bless him and his family.”

Sonny J.: 

“To have met Stacy Augustine has been truly a blessing . His work for me was excellent, quick, and yes very affordable. I highly recommend him. Young and Gifted. May God continue to bless him and his services.”

Jessica F.: 

“Great professional service, reliable and knowledgeable.”

Eric S.: 

“… help me out with a stressful issue and guided me in the right direction. This a blessing to me. Thank you so much.”

Jacqueline G.: 

I called for information on evicting some tenants from my rental home. I spoke with Mr. Augustine, he was extremely informative. He explained the whole process to me and how he would be able to help me. Very affordable and did a great job within 48 hours…

Truth Apostolic Church P.: 

They did a great job for us. Saved me endless hours of trying to research how to handle our situation.

Adrian H.: 

…. i gave it a 5 star rating documentation was exclellent quick and low fees . They do everything to give the best service for the price

Marnyce J.: 

“…was able to help me process my child support paper work in a timely and professional manner.”

Robert W.: 

“Great service. Went beyond expectations. I plan on using him exclusively for my legal needs…”

Ariana B.: 

I had a great experience!! He explains every step in detail and all your questions will be answered. I highly recommend this service to everyone.

Marlon M.: 

“Stacy really took care of me...”

Michael M.: 

Extremely helpful and really took way more time on my case than I had expected (I say that in a good way.) Stacy was thorough and made sure everything was done correctly and completely. I would use them again!!

Andres P.: 

“Great service and friendly.”

Andrew R.: 

Stacy was amazing. He walked me through every step of the process and helped me submit all my papers to the court. When the court date came everything was perfect and I was granted my request. No trips back after making corrections. He met every deadline he promised me and was nice every time we spoke. He always answered or returned phone calls. Stacy is just an outstanding person to work with.

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